Tuesday, 29 April 2014

You will never understand

You will never understand how a relationship like this works. I am mesmerized by the thought of loving someone who annoys my world and takes over a huge part of my life. Physical fights? You have no idea what it is like.

Love makes you stupid. I actually wasn't given a choice. All I can do is accept defeat and that this person will go nowhere else but by my side. It may sound like I do not want her to be here (To be honest, I kind of felt that way BEFORE) but I am lucky because until now, she is here and I just realized how important her presence is.

She was such a bully, I must say! Who the hell would use strength and power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker? She was 16 during that time and I was 7. Yeahp, we have a nine year age gap. She'll tease me to death and the moment I will start crying, she'll be like "Pikon ay laging talo" for not less than 50 times. In order for her to stop teasing me (which is a big entrapment) I should clean her room and do her home errands. After accomplishing those, she'll be nice for an hour and then it will expire.

Have I mentioned she says no to almost everything I do and what I want to do? She hates the things I like. She hates the rap music I loved BEFORE ( Come on, you've listened to "jeje" music too HAHAHA ) She hates the TV shows I like, my habits and some of the guys who I find real cute BEFORE.

It takes time. One day we'll understand why. That day actually came. I now understand why she's such an acting parent, why she hates those things and people for me and why she tells me which is which. I was for myself. I thought I understood life and circumstances. I didn't.

Despite being such a foolish hard headed Pentium I computer, she stayed and she endured everything. She took care of me and gave me a new family. I can never truly express my gratitude. I didn't have a choice and I was stuck with her but if God would rewind everything and give me a selection, I would still choose her.

Happy happy birthday to the prettiest, wisest, and not to mention craziest sister I love. I love you Arly Cruz Avellana Y Kiunisala! I love you so much!

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