Friday, 28 March 2014


"Most people don’t know how to appreciate the silence” -Nicholas Charles Sparks
What is with silence that we are so disturbed about it? We fidget. We tend to look around as if some serial killer is chasing us, we look at our nails then bite it as if we are about to do a recital while suffering from stage fright. We daydream, we think of things that we will be doing afterwards or do something to break the muteness. Wherever we go, at any time, there is a buzz, a swoosh, a screech.

In the time being, silence is a powerful force that is hated and is prevented to exist. It became scarce. It is technically referred to as “complete absence of sound” but in our time, it became the loudest thing that ever occurred.

Silence does not signify dead air time. It is a chance given to us to focus on our own thoughts. I don’t mean that you should be quiet all the time thinking deeply. See it this way, you are always talking and making sounds. There may be times that you do not but mentally, you do. Why do you find it hard to just relax? Silence is a way of keeping the mind calm. Someone quoted “It takes noise to appreciate the silence.” On the contrary, I believe it does not. We live in a world of noise and it made us uneasy with silence.

A deaf person has all the silence in the world. He can’t hear a thing or two. He can’t hear the noises that are disrupting, the sounds that make us scream. They can’t hear what we can. Do you think they can live in peace? No. What others can hear out there is what they are disturbed about.

Have you seen the difference? We have a choice while they don’t. But do we use that option to balance the sounds and the silence? Too much of noise will stress us and tire us. Too much of silence would make us give out the loudest cry that its echo could break our hearts. Anything that is too much is not good. Whatever we do in our life is a choice. In our generation, we have too much noise and now we should learn how to equate it with silence. Let’s not be trapped by silence nor sounds alone.

January 2013

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