Tuesday, 1 January 2013


2012 passed by so fast. It was so fast that you want to go back and slow it down. It wasn't all about just fun and happiness. Everyone wants happiness and no one wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. Right? So here I am in my dark room making a blog post about how I spent my 2012 :)


So I spent the new year with my family and I look and dress like this euuuw =))

During January, I focused more on my extra-curricular activities. Specifically,
the Student council executive committee and the Tamaraw Artists of Makati.
I met new friends as well. A LOT.

The student council 2011-2012

The Tamaraw Artists of Makati

Arianne my long lost sister :>

Student council girls during the Fun run

Also, I was on TV!! I ate something hahahaha

I watched a KPOP mall tour (ZE:A) despite the fact that I don't
like K-pop at all. Ugh, Arianne's fault :|


February introduced me to my second family

OHANA means Family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten
During February, I went to Jayson's birthday night out-ish...
Me = minor that is sorounded with brothers will drink
WATER !! :| Si Martin kasi eh =))

Talking about valentine's day, uhmmmm I cried
I cried not because of valentine or date related issues but because
I didn't had the chance to take a bath 'cause I slept really late and woke up really late too

That's my crazy face 'cause I was so stressed out..

Meet my brother Gelly Ace :> =))))))))))
and Antonish... :D

Okay okay, forgive me for these are the only matinong pictures I had


March taught me how to sneak out =)))

And here's the birthday boy! Happy Birthday Gelly!!
  During this month, my sister got married too!
It's my honor to be her maid-of-honor

March is the end of school year also :| 

And so this is my barkada :) We're definitely the roses among the thorns =))
  I got my car as well yayyy!!!

April, ummm
I learned something new! roller blading!! :-bd

Heaven took Lola (dad's side) during April and I got the opportunity
to hang with these little cute monsters hahaha

 May happened to be one of the best ever!
I became the Student Council Secretary :>

I also had a summer job! :-bd


Happy Birthday to meee!!I could not ask for more. A complete family (Imagine papa is beside me ♥ ), a great selection of what I want to eat, unexpected extra-ordinary greetings though I've hidden my birth date on Facebook and lastly ****toot ♥♥ Thankiee everyone :*

Also, I ate a whole pizza for the first time. Well technically, 'cause I had 8 slices during Papa John's pizza all you can with my guy friends

Since I was busy with school, I am so lucky to have a mere chance to
see my high school friends during Shane's debut

This month, I did some kalokohan and doodled my door =)))

I met new friends as well. It's the FG :)


Nothing much happened during August.
Habagat destroyed many lives and so we extended
our help as much as we can.

I also strengthened bonds with my friends! :)

And it's also the first time I got stucked somewhere 'cause of a storm


This month's higlight is Dave's birthday where I got embarassingly drunk OMASDJKL... YOLO nights they say..If only I can choose a month where I could go back, I'll choose this month

DARNNN IT! I missed my band's concert :(

October is the "bonding" month with everyone..

Me and my Ohana went to Fraser's
I posted a blog about this one. Check it out :))

I bonded with the Student Council also :)

Nothing much happened during November..
beside the garden movie marathon which is one of my first times :-bd


Last, but definitely not the least :)
December is not as extreme as I thought it would be
but it was still good.

I went to a debut with my endless guy friends

One of my month's highlights is when me and my blockmates
went to Ayala Triangle.. It really was a fun bonding moment..

2012 may not be the best year but every single second, minute, hour and day can't be brought back so cherish it. This year taught me that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. They may be the best people you'll have but some aren't meant to stay. They'll leave but the memories and the things they taught you will stay with you forever. 2013 will be my year! I'll cherish every moment, I'll make more mistakes and it will surely be one hell of a ride :-bd

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